Simple Pleasures Farm Lamancha and Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

Premier Lamancha Breeder Arkansas State Fair 2008, 2009 and 2010 Premier Nigerian Breeder Arkansas State Fair 2007,2008 and 2010.

SGCH/MCH AGS Simple Pleasures Connectthedot

LA 2013 EEEE 91 

LA 2012 VEEE 88

LA 2010 89 VEEE

Height @6yrs 19 1/16



   Sire's Sire:  MCH AGS Ponders End Mintrel Show

Sire: AGS Flat Rocks Wish I Might

   Sire's Dam:  AGS Flat Rocks Wishbone

   Dam's Sire:  AGS The Promises Lord of the Rings

Dam: Simple Pleasures Constellation

   Dam's Dam:  AGS QSF PS Libbys Merry Moondancer

Show Wins

5 GCH Sr Doe 7 BOB 4 BIS 1 Best Udder in Show

1 RGCH Sr Doe

 Dot is everything we have been breeding for.  Her udder displays the wide high rear arch that we want on all of our does.  Her teats are perfectly plumb and a joy to milk. She has matured into a deep wedged doe who excels in dairy character while staying well within the height limits!


Dot is the first doe to your left.




CH Simple Pleasures HE Myrtle



 Look at the width of fore udder on this doe!  Myrtle is a strong poweful doe with a ton of dairy character.

 LA 2013 88

DOB: 11/08/09

   Sire's Sire:  AGS Dream-Weaver's Spirit Hawk

Sire:  Starbucks Farm SH Hawkeye

   Sire's Dam:  AGS Copper Penny Poison Ivy

   Dam' Sire:  AGS Shooting Star WS Rockeffer

Dam:  CH AGS Simple Pleasures Marion Joyce

   Dam's Dam:  CH AGS Simple Pleasures Summer Rain


Show Wins:

1 Best in Show Senior Doe, 1 Best of Breed, 3GCH, 3 RGCH


Simple Pleasures JH Boggle

LA 2013 90 

DOB 05/10/10

   Sire's Sire:  GCH AGS Tiny Tales Paul Bunyan +B

SIre: Tiny Tales Farm John Henry

   Sire's Dam:  GCH Tiny Tales Farm Wilhelmina 3*M

   Dam's Sire:  AGS Flat Rocks Wish I Might

Dam: SGCH/MCH Simple Pleasures Connecthedot

   Dam's Dam:  AGS Simple Pleasures Constellation

Show Wins:



Simple Pleasures DR The Pie

DOB: 01/24/2012

   Sire's Sire:  NC Promisedland RC Bonafide+B

Sire:  Dill's BF Diamond Rio

   Sire's Dam:  SGCH Dill's XM Keena 4*M

   Dam's Sire:  CH AGS Kizzi's Kuties Diego

Dam:  Tiny Tales Flicka

   Dam's Dam:  GCH AGS Tiny Tales Jill 1*M


Show Wins: 1 Best in Show Junior Doe, 1 GCH Jr Doe 3 RGCH Junior Doe


Simple Pleasures Litterbug

DOB 03/08/2012

    Sire's Sire: NC Promisedland RC Bonafide *B

Sire: Dill's BF Diamond Rio *B

    Sire's Dam: SGCH Dill's XM Keena 4*M

    Dam's Sire:  Dixie Blossum FRM Huckleberry

Dam:  Dixie Blossum HCK Grashopper

    Dam's Dam:  MI Sugarcreek TW IXX Leafwing


Show Wins: